Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog, I hope you enjoy reading my musings/ramblings whatever it turns out to be. It seems perfectly proper for me to begin with a post about some of the loves of my life, and so I present my lovely Grandkids to you….

Lucy, Mia, Joseph, Sammy

Butter wouldn’t melt!

My days are simply joyous when I can spend them with my family and particularly these lovely little rascals. Lucy, Joseph & Sammy live a 5-6 hour drive from me, so time with them is rare and very precious. I’m privileged to look after Mia three days a week whilst Mummy works, which has allowed me to build up a lovely bond with her.

It’s amusing how Chrissy’s children are large and blonde, whilst Dan’s children will all be little and dark. I wonder who Matt will marry to give me a rainbow of Grandchildren.

I had a very close relationship with my Nan because at age seven I went to live with her, along with my little brother Gary who was five. Our parents divorced, Mum left and went to London to live, Dad remarried and pretty much didn’t want us around, however we were made to visit every Sunday.

Nan was a truly remarkable woman, she was fifty seven years old when we went to live there, working three jobs and the most widely travelled person I know. She was and still is such a strong role model for me even though she passed away in 1987. I’m still amazed at how she would go to work early in the morning, then come home and get us up and ready for school, returning to work once we left, and then doing late night cleaning after we were in bed in the evening. She continued to do this for quite a while, then dropped to two jobs because she felt it was important for somebody to be home during the day and she didn’t like the idea of children ever being in the home on their own.

Here is a photo of my beloved Nan.


My wedding day Sept 1982

Even now, I can’t see a picture of her without feeling a tremendous tug of grief deep within me for not having her around. She wasn’t one to show affection with hugs or kisses, but I always knew she loved me and my brother. She could be a tigress in protecting us when it was necessary.

So, I want to be a fab Grandma to my little lovelies, and be a great example to them too. Of course it’s different because they are not likely to live with me long term, but nevertheless I hope they will love their Grandma like I love my Nan. I’ve a lot to live up to.